FIM EWC: 2017 Season Winners

Posted: 13th November 2017

Who won the 2017 world endurance season? - GMT94 Yamaha, by a mile – YART second, SERT third - Unofficial Race24 Trophy points for 2017 FIM EWC races – Just for fun

The FIM Endurance World Championship season runs from September to July, with the Bol d'Or starting the endurance year and the Suzuka 8 Hour finishing it. Most other championships run over a season tied to the calendar year, from January to December, and indeed the Endurance World Championship worked like this for many years.

So who, we wondered, would have won the championship if the 2017 season had started in April with the Le Mans 24 Hour race and ended in September with the Bol d'Or? Sounds like a job for the Race24 Trophy...

We've awarded points based only on the position a team finishes a race – so no points for the 8 or 16 hour mark in 24 hour races – and regardless of entry class. We've followed the FIM's pointes schemes for 24 hour and 8 hour races, with 40 points for a 24 hour win and 30 points for an 8 hour win.

Download the pdf file here: Race24-2017.pdf

GMT94 are the clear winners, 57 points ahead of second placed YART Yamaha, with SERT Suzuki a further 13 points behind. GMT94 and SERT were the only two teams to score points at all the races, and GMT94 won all the races except Suzuka. I think we can call that a clear victory.

FCC TSR Honda were fourth, just two points behind SERT and eight in front of fifth placed Honda Endurance Racing. Voelpker Schubert BMW were sixth, Tati Team Beaujolais Kawasaki seventh, Maco Racing Yamaha eighth, Bolliger Kawasaki ninth and Yamaha Viltais tenth.

56 teams scored points during 2017, with bikes from Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, BMW, Kawasaki and Ducati.

The next race in the FIM EWC calendar – and the first race of the 2018 calendar – is the Le Mans 24 Hours Moto on the 19/22 April.

Words: Martin Gelder, Photos FIM EWC,