Classic Endurance: EELC Points, Times

Posted: 23rd January 2018

European Endurance Legend Cup to award mid-race series points for top ten teams – Two-rider teams must not exceed 160 minutes on track for either rider – Three-rider teams must not exceed 120 minutes on track for any rider, with minimum of 40 minutes for each rider

The European Endurance Legend Cup organisers have announced that they will be awarding mid-race points to the leading ten teams at the two hour point of each of the series' three races. The leading team at the mid point of the four hour races will get 10 extra points, down to 1 extra point for the team in tenth place. At the end of each round the winning team will get 30 points, 2nd place 24 points, 3rd place 21 points, etc, in line with the FIM EWC points scoring system.

There will also be limits on the maximum time riders can spend on track. For two-rider teams, neither rider may spend more than 160 minutes (out of 240 minutes in a four hour race) on track. For three-rider teams the maximum track for any rider is 120 minutes, with a minimum for each rider of 40 minutes.

How the times is divided between riders is up to the teams, although teams must make at least five pitstops during the race, excluding stop-go penalties, etc.

Words, Photos: Martin Gelder. EELC