Classic Endurance: Official Championship Winners

Posted: 30th October 2017

Neate Racing Honda win Maxi Classic endurance championship – Scuderia Officine Toscane Kawasaki win Classic 1000 championship – Amici Mieie Ducati win 750TT Championship – Team Taurus Suzuki and Amici Miei score points at four rounds

Maxi Classic

The European Classic Series classic endurance championship Maxi Classic class has been won by Neate Racing Honda, with three race wins this season (at Donington, Spa and Aragon) countering their lack of points at Imola.

Download the Maxi Classic points here: ecs-maxi-classic-points-2017.pdf

Second place has gone to Team Taurus Suzuki – one of only two teams in the whole championship to score points at all four rounds – with third place going to Sweatshop Phase One No.4, fourth going to SCERT Suzuki and fifth to ACR1 Kawasaki.

Thirty one teams scored points in the class this season, with machines from Suzuki (14), Kawasaki (8), Honda (6), Moto Guzzi (1), BMW (1) and Yamaha (1) taking part.

Classic 1000

The European Classic Series classic endurance championship Classic 1000 class has been won by Scuderia Officine Toscane Kawasaki who followed up their Imola win with a second victory at Aragon.

Download the Classic 1000 points here: ecs-classic-1000-points-2017.pdf

Second in the class was the German Guzzi Classic Team, with Classic Boxer Endurance thrid, Van Dijk Laverda fourth and Team Extreme Mecanique Kawasaki fifth. Machines from Kawasaki, Moto Guzzi, BMW, Laverda, Ducati and Suzuki ran in Classic 1000, with entries from Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Luxembourg.


The European Classic Series classic endurance championship 750TT class has been won by Amici Miei Ducati team from Italy, beating Capelli Belli Ducati from Germany.

Download the 750TT points here: ecs-750tt-points-2017.pdf

Only two teams entered this class but Amici Miei scoring points at every round.

Words: Martin Gelder, Points: European Classic Series