Isle of Man TT Circuit

Length: 37.75 miles

Lap Record:

TT Races: Early June

Manx GP: September

Tourist Info: 01624 686 766

The Isle of Man Tourist Trophy is one of the last great races to be run on open roads. The thirty seven and three quarter mile course (in use since 1907) snakes around the perimeter of Snaefell before climbing to it's peak and then plunging down to Douglas.

Since losing its world championship status in the 1970s the event has gradually become less significant, although it remains tremendously popular with its hardcore fans. The difficulty of finding accommodation, the extortionate ferry prices, the ever-reducing speed limits and the lack of world-class entries are contributing to the decline of the Isle of Man races.

If you've never been to the TT, go now before it finally becomes a succession of "historic" parade laps. Ride the course on your own bike, and then sit outside a pub and watch racers skimming stone walls, wheelying over blind crests and topping 190mph on public roads.

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