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This site is the archive for and our coverage of the 1999 to 2001 World Endurance Championship.

The buttons on the left take you to the content of the Race24 site as it was at the end of 2001. We have also archived the following races:

2001 Season
Le Mans 2001
Brno 2001
Brands Hatch 2001
Nurburgring 2001
Spa Francorchamps 2001
Suzuka 2001
Oschersleben 2001
Bol d'Or 2001
2000 Season
Le Mans 2000
Estoril 2000
Spa Francorchamps 2000
Suzuka 2000
Oschersleben 2000
Bol d'Or 2000

1999 Season
Le Mans 1999
Spa Francorchamps 1999
Suzuka 1999
Oschersleben 1999
Bol d'Or 1999

Here are a few defining moments from the Race24 memories of 1999 to 2001:

High Points:

  • Having the idea and making it work - making the first upload from Le Mans and finding that we had an audience.
  • The sheer buzz of being in and around the paddock - and becoming part of the endurance circus.
  • Meeting real live members of the audience for the first time at Spa
  • Running the site off a borrowed phone extension at the 99 Bol - if the circuit staff won't help us, we'll help ourselves.
  • The wide variety of places we've stayed - from a tent at Le Mans to an Abbatoir at Oschersleben.
  • Getting locked in a connecting bridge at Nurburgring - and getting locked out of the campsite at Paul Ricard.
  • Doing a lap at Spa after the race with the bike fully loaded with tent, sleeping bags, etc.
  • Doing a lap of Estoril in Bikeshire's Transit, trying desperately not to spill any beer.
  • Doing a lap of the Nuerburgring Nordschleife three up in a hired VW Polo estate (diesel).
  • Driving through the Massif Central after the 2000 Bol, screaming through mountain bends trying to make the airport in time.

    Low Points:

  • Any racing death. It's a dangerous game, but that doesn't make the reality any easier. The Bol in September 2001 - the weekend after "9/11" - really brought things home.
  • The start of the last race at Paul Ricard was also sad - having been there so often as a punter, the first time we went there to work was the last race to be run there.
  • Finally, something technical failed every time we went to Spa - we ran out of disk space, the server crashed, and we got hacked; three years, never a dull moment.

    As you can see; many more highs than lows. Which is why we're doing it all again on in 2002. Roll on Imola.


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