Classic Endurance: Unofficial Class Points

Posted: 29th March 2018

Just for fun - Unofficial series points for Superbike, Legend, Classic and Superstock classes – More than one way to skin a cat – Unofficial points for race finish only – Competition to step up at Donington

Race24 have calculated the unofficial class points for the European Endurance Legend Cup, based on finishing position in class rather than awarding class points based on overall team finishing position. We've used the same “30 points for a win, down to 1 point for 20th place” formula as the main series, but have not awarded points for mid-race position.


The only points scoring team in the Superbike class at the Sunday Ride Classic was Sweatshop Phase One, so they inevitably top the table. We can be sure that Team Force will be back in contention at the next race, and we're expecting quite a few more entries in this class at Donington in May.


Overall race-winners Road Runner top their class table, ahead of Team Taurus, Power-Racing Japauto and Motoport Uithoorn Racing. 17 Legend teams finished the race, by far the best supported class.


The Motobel Moto Guzzi heads up the Classic table, ahead of Team Godier Genoud and RPM83. Although there were only six points finishers we're expecting this class to be closely fought over the season.


Only three race finishers in Superstock, with Suzuki Madrid Endurance first in class, Parts Europe Endurance Team second and Allens Performance third. As with the Superbike class, there'll be a lot more Superstock entries at Donington Park in May and those Sunday Ride Classic points will really count at the end of the year.

And Finally

Wondering how the points table would look without the mid-race bonuses? Again, totally unofficial and just for fun...

Words, Charts: Martin Gelder