Classic Endurance: Official Points

Posted: 28th March 2018

European Endurance Legend Cup points after one round – Road Runner first, Motobel second, Godier Genoud and Phase One joint third – Points awarded for race finish and mid-race position – Class standings coming tomorrow

These are the overall standings in the European Endurance Legend Cup series after the opening Sunday Ride Classic round.

Points are awarded for race finish position – down to 20th place – and also to the top ten teams at the mid point of the race, on the following basis:

This gives the race points for the Sunday Ride Classic as below; note that the only team to really benefit were Phase One Endurance whose mid-race lead moved them on to level points with Team Godier Genoud who finished ahead of them in the race.

Coming tomorrow, unofficial individual class positions, just for fun...

Words, Charts: Martin Gelder