Endurance Legends 4H: Support Card

Posted: 11th May 2018

Bonhams Lansdowne British Historic Championship: Pre-1963 500s and 3503 - GP Originals Series: Grand Prix two-strokes, 250cc up to 1984 and 350cc up to 1981 – Plus loads more

As last year, there is a strong support card underneath the main race in the guise of two classic racing series: Landsdowne and GP Originals.

The Bonhams Lansdowne British Historic Championship runs three classes: Pre-1963 500cc and 350cc racing motorcycles with permitted period modifications, and the Club Class for 1950s spec Goodwood Revival bikes.

The GP Originals series runs two classes, 250cc up to 1984 and 350cc up to 1981.  The intent is to keep the bikes as original as possible (within current racing regulations), with all visible parts keeping the period look.  Tyres must be treaded: No wets of tyre warmers, no matter how cold and wet (hopefully irrelevent this weekend).

Team Classic Suzuki GSX 1100 Katana

Outside of the race card is the Suzuki Parade, plus the track day sessions dotted throughout the weekend.  There is also the opportunity to jump in a sidecar and be taken out, plus in the paddock are try a bike sessions, loads of anniversary events for a number of pivotal motorcycles such as the GS1000, RC30 and RGV250 and the (legend has it) flawed but always fabulous TL1000R and rider events with Endurance Legends (pun intended) such as Terry Rymer.

And of course, there is the little matter of a 4 hour endurance race...

Words: Bob Pickett, Photos: RealClassic Archive, Suzuki, GP Originals