Endurance Legends 4H: Mid-Race Update

Posted: 13th May 2018

Neate, Classic Suzuki, Team Force top field - Lead changing with every pit-stop – Phase One crash with no brakes

Live Timing: www.endurancelegends.co.uk/live-timing/

The half-way mark sees Neate Racing continue to dominate, with Team Classic Suzuki and Team Force pressing hard behind them. Motobel continues to do the Classic class proud, running in 4th place as the safety car came out shortly before the mid-way point.

Waiting for the start

There was drama very early in the race, with one of the pre-race favourites Phase One suffering a brake failure and going straight on at Redgate. The team stripped and repaired the bike at an impressive pace, but had to return to the pit with further problems.  Ex fighter pilot Pete Linden is carving his way back through the field and has recorded the only 1:14 lap of the day so far.

Sweatshop Phase One post-crash repairs

The Sixtyniners belied their 12th place on the grid by carving their way through the field into the top 5 at one stage, but a crash pushed them back down the field.

Team Lincs Suzuki are suffering gearbox problems, jumping out of second so they’re running into every bend hot (though Pete Best and Guy Martin are probably the best pairing you could ask for to ride round this sort of issue).

Team Taurus, another predicted front runner, has had to retire.

There is a nice little race within a race, as the top six Superstock bikes are lapping at very similar times, all six bikes within 2 laps of each other.

Top 6 overall:

  • Neate Racing
  • Team Force
  • Classic Racer Nice
  • Motobel
  • Team Classic Suzuki
  • Team Lincs Suzuki

    Waiting for the start

    Words: Bob Pickett, Photos: Martin Gelder