Classic Endurance: Unofficial Championship Points

Posted: 13th July 2017

Race24 Classic Trophy – Completely unofficial - Based on overall race finishing position – Regardless of entry class; a win is a win – Has anyone seen the official points yet?

We're still trying to find the official European Classic Series championship standings; we know Neate Racing are leading because they've won both round so far, but what about everyone else? And are there standings for the other classes? We have no idea.

So here are the completely, utterly and totally unofficial Race24 Classic Trophy standings. We've ignored race class and just taken the finishing positions in the races so far, converted them into points following the conventional '25 for a win' scale, and then added them up and created a leaderboard.

Download the pdf file here: race24-classic-trophy.pdf

As you can see, it favours the Maxi Classic class, and the teams that have competed in both races will naturally bubble to the top as the season progresses. We'll add the points for Imola and Aragon when the races take place and it'll be interesting to see how much difference there is between the Race24 Classic Trophy and the official standings at the end of the season.

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Words: Martin Gelder, Photos: Martin Gelder