Classic Endurance: Which Bikes Can Race?

Posted: 10th March 2017

The classic endurance season kicks off at Donington Park in May with the Endurance Legends 4 Hour round of the European Classic Series. Martin Gelder tries to work out which motorcycles are eligible to race...

The Endurance Legends meeting has its own eligibility rules, but these are supplemented by those of the European Classic Series and the UK's Classic Racing Motorcycle Club. In some cases these regulations conflict, but we've tried to get everything down in one place. These are only meant to be guidelines; if you're entering a machine and aren't sure if your bike is eligible, don't trust what we say here, check with the organisers!

In brief, the classes which may compete are:

Endurance Legends

  • Endurance Legends F1 Classic (Pre-1987, 2V, 751-1300cc)
  • Endurance Legends F1 Superbike (Pre-1987, 4V, 751-1300cc)
  • Endurance Legends F2 (Pre-1987, 247-750cc)

    European Classic Series

  • European Classic Series Maxi Class (Pre-1983, >340cc)
  • European Classic Series Classic 1000 (Pre-1982, <750cc 4V or <1000cc 2V)
  • European Classic Series 750TT (pre-1986, <750cc 4T or <500cc 2T)

    Classic Racing Motorcycle Club

  • CRMC Post Classic 1 (Pre-1982, >251cc)
  • CRMC Post Classic 2 (Pre-1987, >126cc)


    Endurance Legends

    The Endurance Legends eligibility regulations allow motorcycles from the Classic Racing Motorcycle Club (CRMC) and European Classic Series (ECS) and others which meet the Endurance Legends eligibility guidelines set out below.

    Endurance Legends General Guidelines

  • Machines manufactured before 31st December 1986
  • Machines holding Classic Racing Motorcylce Club (CRMC) eligibility and within the capacity classes
  • Machines holding European Classic Series (ECS) eligibility and within the capacity classes
  • 'One Event' Eligibility may be granted by the organisers.

    Endurance Legends F1 (751cc – 1300cc)

    F1 Classic

  • 2 valves per cylinder
  • Minimum tyre diameter 17”, maximum width 180mm

    F1 Superbike

  • 4 valves per cylinder, aircooled only, no Suzuki EFE engines or cylinder heads.
  • Minimum tyre diameter 18”, maximum width 160mm

    Endurance Legends Formula 2 (247cc – 750cc)

  • Air cooled or liquid cooled two-stroke or four-stroke engines
  • Wheels may be 16”, 17” or 18” diameter but with a maximum rim width of 3.5” front and 5.5” for the rear.
  • Bodywork must represent the period the bike was raced in
  • No slick tyres, rain tyres, etc.
  • No modern, non-period engines.
  • No flat-slide carbs.
  • Slipper clutches, quickshifters, USD forks, radial calipers, etc, are not allowed.


    European Classic Series

    Maxi Class

  • Bikes built before December 31st 1982
  • Minimum of two cylinders
  • Capacity more than 340cc
  • 18” wheel rims, max tyre width 150mm
  • Special frames allowed as long as the frame and engine combination is historically correct.
  • Max fork tube size of 42mm

    Classic 1000

  • Bikes built before December 31st 1981
  • Minimum of two cylinders
  • Max capacity of 1000cc
  • Max capacity of 750cc for four cylinder, four valve bikes.
  • "Repairs as foreseen by the organisers are authorised" - Gives scope for max overbore.
  • Max fork tube size of 38mm
  • Special frames allowed as long as the frame and engine combination is historically correct.
  • Ducati Pantah engined bikes must be aircooled and twin shock.


  • Bikes built before December 31st 1985
  • 750cc four stroke engines with 2 valves per cylinder
  • 500cc two cylinder two-stroke engines
  • Rim width max of 4”, 150mm tyre width.
  • Ducati Pantah engined bikes must be 750cc or less, but monoshock systems are allowed.

    European Classic Series General Guidelines

  • Engines must be as produced, number of valves, cams, gears, etc.
  • Bore and stroke are free, as is head porting. Head must be as fitted originally.
  • Ignition is free but coils must be as produced originally.
  • No flat-slide carbs or fuel injection.
  • No slicks or rain tyres.
  • Number of disk brakes as originally fitted.


    Classic Racing Motorcycle Club

    Post Classic 1

  • 251cc and above single, twin, triple, or four cylinders made before 31st December 1981

    Post Classic 2

  • 126cc and above single or multi-cylinder machines made between Janu 1st 1982 to Dec 31st 1986


    Words, Photos: Martin Gelder