BSK Speedworks K100 Endurance Racer

Posted: 8th March 2017

BMW K100RS Cafe Racer to take part in Donington Park 4 Hour Endurance Race - "It's in the spirit of the rules" say organisers – "We need more like this" say Race24

One of the more... unusual entrants for the Donington Park 4 Hour round of the European Classic Series endurance race is the BKS Speedworks BMW K100RS. The cafe and custom bike builders from Leighton Buzzard in Bedfordshire are using the K100 to develop and showcase the parts they make for BMW's 'flying brick'.

Discussing it on their website, they say, “The bike was built up from a 1985 K100RS frame, engine and drivetrain and features parts to aid quick pit stops, such as quick release body work and wheels and a quick fill fuel tank. The engine has been rebuilt and tuned for constant high speed and reliability as well as fuel economy. Going against the norm for an endurance race bike, and as with our other K100 race bike, there is no charging system or starter motor fitted because the internal gears that run them from the crankshaft are removed to improve performance and save weight. Instead, a lightweight Lithium battery is fitted and is quickly changed at each pit stop.”

Endurance Legends organiser Robert Scott has confirmed on the event Facebook page that the K100 will be eligible to race. “Ben has eligibility to race one with BHR (British Historic Racing) and we felt it was 'in the spirit of the event'. It's two valve only and we found they were raced in 84/5 in endurance. Which also means you could race a Z1300 or a Goldwing which again was raced in the day.”

At Race24 we think this is exactly the kind of weird and wonderful one off that make classic endurance the fascinating spectacle it should be, and we'd like to see more entrants like this.


  • Make/Model: BMW K100RS
  • Year: 1985
  • Capacity: 987cc
  • Engine: Tuned K100 8 valve
  • Fuel/Ignition: Delta programmable engine management system
  • Frame: Stock K100RS lightened/strengthened
  • Suspension: RAM rear shock, RAM progressive springs(K75S forks)
  • Wheels/Tyres: 3.50 120/17 front 5.00 160x17 rear
  • Dash/Display: Digital Acewell
  • Exhaust: BSK SpeedWorks
  • Rearsets: BSK SpeedWorks

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